IQ Without Call Center

The smart way to manage your calls from your vehicles.

Easily and efficiently!

Meet our Integrated suite for managing and dispatching your calls automated and in real-time from your fleet without dispatchers or a call center.

From your office you enable the service and declare the shift manager. Then all the phone calls of the center will be forwarded to the specific telephone number of the driver who was declared as the shift manager.
Drivers who are shift managers in their driver application can fully manage incoming calls.


  • Automatic display of phone numbers (Caller ID)
  • Call registration
  • Call processing
  • Select call address from stored addresses
  • Enter comments
  • Cancel a call
  • Call Reprocess
  • Appointment scheduling and cancellation
  • Complete and send call to history
  • Declare and change shift manager with verification
  • View active calls
  • View call claim
The call after registration is sent to the active fleet and the system selects the appropriate driver based on the claim scenario you have set.

The shift manager may at any time request a change of the shift manager in case he is assigned a call or wishes to terminate his shift. At any time from the office you may cancel the call forwarding function to shift manager.

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