Our Vision

In IQTaxi Inc. we believe in a new intelligent transportation world!

Totally inspired of this, we are fulfilling the fleet organizations’ needs.
Our main Target is to drive the taxi services to the new era of mobile solution and internet of things!

About us

IQTaxi Is an innovative technology software company with deep expertise in developing specialized telematics and innovating solutions for the Taxi industry.

IQTAXI provides a fully automated centralized dispatch system connected to driver’s application that improves taxi fleet management and helps the taxi companies to optimize the productivity and the distribution of trips from their call-centers by setting dispatch priorities, utilizing zones and stands, managing customer information, recording all trip data and offering advanced accounting services.

Combining comprehensive and totally customized software applications, training, support and maintenance, IQTAXI offers to Taxi companies an easy and innovative way to modernize and better serve taxi riders.

IQTAXI software application systems currently operate in USA and Greece having served more than 10.000.000 rides globally.


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